Cuccinelli Supporters Should Never Be Accused Of Letting Facts Get In The Way Of Being Dishonest

In the wake of the Virginia Governors Race that ended last Tuesday (November 5th), with Democrat Terry McAuliffe narrowly beating Republican Ken Cuccinelli, the hate mail and vitriol from Cuccinelli supporters has been rampant. For a candidate that Cuccinelli initially dismissed as irrelevant, his campaign sure did spend an awful lot of time the last three or four weeks trying to bring Libertarian Robert Sarvis down.  And Cooch’s supporters wasted no time in jumping on that bandwagon.  How low does one have to get in order to be a Cuccinelli supporter?  Apparently, there is no limit to the level at which Cuccinelli supporters will sink.

Robert Sarvis

Virginia Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Robert Sarvis.

About two weeks prior to election day, stories began making their way across the blogosphere, Facebook, Twitter, and various conservative web sites claiming that Robert Sarvis wasn’t a “Real Libertarian.”  Imagine REPUBLICANS trying to tell ANYONE what the definition of a real Libertarian is.  Yet they tried.  The most hilarious part of the whole thing was when Republicans started claiming that Sarvis was not a Libertarian because he did not believe in Austrian Economics.  They claimed that Cuccinelli WAS in favor of Austrian Economics.  The reality of it is this: Cooch is in favor of whatever type of economics his handlers tell him he’s supposed to be in favor of.  You can read some of these stories herehere, and here.  In some cases, Republicans snookered a lot of voters into believing that their intentionally dishonest statements were in fact a reality.

Richmond Times-Dispatch Columnist Bart Hinkle debunked all of their claims here.  And it wasn’t very hard to do.

Ron and Rand Paul even came to Virginia to endorse Cuccinelli.  A lot of good that did.  Ron Paul called Sarvis supporters INSANE, forgetting what his own supporters were often called when they refused to back down from supporting him.  A lot of speculation has gone into why Ron Paul endorsed Cuccinelli.  But in the end, it really boils down to this:  both Cuccinelli and Paul are Republicans.  And apparently they decided to stick together.

Enter Glenn Beck.  As we all know, Glenn Beck, who has been trying to convince us for a while now that he is a Libertarian, endorsed Liberal candidate Mitt Romney in last year’s Presidential Election.  Effectively throwing his entire country under the bus.  Glenn Beck’s web site “The Blaze” put out a story last week, just prior to the election of Virginia’s governor, claiming that not only was Robert Sarvis not a real Libertarian, but that his campaign was funded by an “Obama Bundler,” in order that the Republican vote be split.  Cuccinelli supporters in Va. ate it up (after all, it wasn’t really true, so what was not to like about it?).  Rush Limbaugh maligned about it on his show for days thereafter.  And even in the face of real facts proving otherwise, not one of them has apologized for being dishonest.  Why tamper with a winning system, right?

Beck, who has claimed since early January of this year to be a Libertarian, endorsed big government Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli (who supported the largest tax increase in Virginia history and who wasn’t even remotely 2nd amendment friendly [VCDL questions here and answers here]).  And like most Cuccinelli supporters, he would stop at nothing to see his candidate win.

Yet his candidate didn’t win.  He sold his soul to the Devil and got nothing in return for it.

The hateful Tweets, e-mails, Facebook comments, and phone calls, which began before election day and are still coming in to the Sarvis campaign and Sarvis supporters, represent the worst in politics.  Ken Cuccinelli hasn’t stepped up to denounce any of them.  But then again, why would he?  I’m sure he’s at the root of them all.

Full Disclosure:  I was and still am a Robert Sarvis Supporter.  And I worked tirelessly for his campaign.  I have no regrets and I am proud to have supported him.  I will do so again for whatever public office he chooses to run for next.

3 thoughts on “Cuccinelli Supporters Should Never Be Accused Of Letting Facts Get In The Way Of Being Dishonest

  1. “A lot of speculation has gone into why Ron Paul endorsed Cuccinelli. But in the end, it really boils down to this: both Cuccinelli and Paul are Republicans. And apparently they decided to stick together.”

    Nah, Paul has no party loyalty. He endorsed Cuccinelli because Cuccinelli was his baby. Cooch could never have won a Republican primary, so instead he got a coronation at a party convention overrun by Paulbots. That’s what Paulbots do. Don’t let Paul’s past ties to the LP or the name “liberty movement” fool you. These guys are paleocons, not libertarians.

  2. Rules for Campaign for Liberty Activists – by Paul Alinksy

    1) If a Libertarian Party candidate says something that even sounds like an endorsement or expansion of a government program, or even replacing one program with another, when taken out of context or quoted in sentence fragments, tell everyone they are not a real libertarian.

    When Rand Paul does it call it working within the system and winning.

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