Keen Umbehr For Governor Of Kansas

Keen Umbehr

Kansas Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate, Keen Umbehr.

Keen A. Umbehr, Sr. is running for Governor of Kansas as a Libertarian.  When you talk about pulling yourself up by the boot straps, Mr. Umbehr can certainly relate.  He began his career as a trash man running his own trash collection business, later went back to school and studied law, then he became a lawyer.  And now he wants to be the next Governor of Kansas.  And I say more power to him!

Umbehr achieved notoriety as a lawyer when he took on the prison system in the state of Kansas for their abuse of prisoners.  He has always been a fighter and champion of the 1st amendment.  You can read more about Keen Umbehr’s history as a business owner and lawyer here.

I was impressed with Mr. Umbehr’s story the moment I began to read it.  He certainly seems to understand what  the citizens of Kansas go through on a daily basis.  And that’s what we need in government.  People like you and me.  Here is what Mr. Umbehr stated on his Facebook page just the other day:

“I’m running for governor because I believe in Liberty. I believe that our government needs to get its spending under control. I believe that if you borrow money – like the state of Kansas has borrowed from KPERS – that you should pay it back. And I don’t believe that you should be eliminating 191,000 taxpayers from the tax rolls until you do.”

While Mr. Umbehr does have to participate in a primary with another candidate, Tresa McAlhaney, here’s hoping that Kansans pick the guy who came up the hard way and learned what fighting for Liberty is all about.  That man would be Keen Umbehr.

You can take a look at all of his issues and solutions that he currently has listed on his site here.

Here’s Mr. Umbehr announcing his candidacy on camera.  I’m hoping to see more from Mr. Umbehr soon.

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