Rand Paul Severs Ties With Libertarian Community

Rand Paul

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul And His Business Partner, Ken Cuccinelli.

Rand Paul, the son of former Congressman Ron Paul, has officially severed his ties with the Libertarian community by making robocalls for a known Anti-Second Amendment candidate.

This morning it was reported here that robocalls have been made by Rand Paul on behalf of Republican David Jolly, who is running in Florida’s Congressional District 13 Special Election.  Two other candidates are also on the ballot.  Libertarian Lucas Overby and Democrat Alex Sink.

Paul could have supported the Libertarian Candidate, but instead chose to support a known GOP Establishment Candidate.  A candidate who recently made it clear he was not opposed to tighter gun restrictions.

Not only is he making robocalls for a sleazy politician, he’s using Karl Rove’s super pac, “American Crossroads” in order to do it.

But, all of Rand Paul’s major political endorsements are in races with viable Libertarian alternatives. So this is nothing new. And this comes after a long line of disappointments from the Kentucky Senator, who speaks out of both sides of his mouth.

In the recent controversy over the Ukraine, and what, if anything, the U.S. should do about it, Rand Paul came down clearly on the side of establishment, war-mongering Republicans and Democrats.

And in other news, Rand Paul has also endorsed Mitch McConnell.

Rand Paul’s actions are really only a disappointment if you fell for his shenanigans in the first place.  If, like me, you saw right through him from day one, this is just another bump in the road towards true Liberty.

They say the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree.  But Rand Paul keeps proving that statement wrong. Time and time again.

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