Fake Libertarian Rand Paul Endorses McConnell Over Real Libertarian

David Patterson For U.S. Senate (KY)

David Patterson For U.S. Senate (KY)

In The 2014 Kentucky Senate race, Rand Paul – the darling of the phony Liberty movement within the Republican Party – has endorsed establishment Republican Mitch McConnell over a “TEA Party” Republican and an Honest-To-God Libertarian.

There are two other candidates vying for that Senate seat.  David Patterson, the Libertarian and Matt Bevin, the TEA Party Republican Primary challenger to McConnell.  Since Paul is no Libertarian, this move to endorse McConnell should come as no surprise to those reading this post.  Rand Paul NEVER endorses the Libertarian.  After all, he made it quite clear that he’s not a Libertarian.  It’s the leaders of the phony Liberty movement within the Republican Party that have tried to dangle Rand Paul in front of real Libertarians in the hopes of bringing them back to the GOP.  But Paul keeps wandering off the reservation.

David Patterson is by far the best choice of the three.  Just take a look at some of these points from his web site:

  • NO BAILOUTS: Companies must live and die by their own merits.
  • NO EXCESSIVE REGULATIONS: Don’t strangle our economy with ideology.
  • NO CAP ON LIABILITY: Companies should be responsible for their actions.
  • INDUSTRIAL HEMP: Allow our farmers to grow a versatile, viable crop here in America.
  • END DOMESTIC SPYING: A warrant should be required for any domestic surveillance.
  • END STATE MARRIAGE: Consenting adults do not need permission from government.
  • END THE DRUG WAR: Prohibition is costly, in dollars and in liberty, and unsuccessful.
  • NON-INTERVENTION: Keep our nose out of the business of other nations.
  • RESPECT OTHER CULTURES: We would not want other cultures pushed onto us.
  • FREE TRADE: Trade is the best way to ensure peaceful international relations.

If you want to fight back against Rand Paul, Mitch McConnell, and the many other “Establishment Republicans” who are trying to usurp our Liberty, please consider supporting David Patterson and helping him to get on the ballot in Kentucky.