Cantor Style Politics From The Dave Brat Campaign

Virginia Republican Congressional Candidate, Dave Brat

Virginia Republican Congressional Candidate, Dave Brat

When Republican Dave Brat was running against Eric Cantor for the 7th District Congressional seat in Virginia’s 7th District Republican Primary, he needed to cast himself as an outsider.  A new guy.  A fresh face.  Many voters liked his ads (even many of those who would not vote for him), and many thought (because he said so), that he would play by the rules (unlike Eric Cantor).  You may not have agreed with his politics, but at least you thought he’d be honest and forthright.  Sadly, like most Republicans, Dave Brat has decided not to play by the rules.  And if elected, he could ignore the rules regarding the United States Constitution, for his own self interest.

In his Election Night Victory Speech, Dave Brat made a comment which I found to be very interesting (considering how he’s running his campaign these days).  He said: “The power belongs to the people.”

Dave Brat and his campaign have decided that he will not participate in any forums or debates that include all of the ballot qualified candidates running for Congress in the 7th District.  Specifically, any forums or debates that include the Libertarian Candidate, James Carr.  Debate and forum sponsors have told the Carr campaign that Brat has been unwilling to commit to any debates or forums that include Carr.  And in many cases, debate and forum sponsors have chosen to exclude Carr so that Brat will attend.

Dave Brat and his Democratic opponent Jack Trammell are both Economics Professors at Virginia’s Randolph Macon College.  Randolph Macon is hosting a debate and has chosen to exclude James Carr.  When asked for a reason why, both the college and the Trammell Campaign have cited Dave Brat’s unwillingness to participate if Carr is included, as the reason.  Trammell asked that Carr be included, and he was all but ignored.  You can read the Carr Campaign’s press release to learn more.

If the power belongs to the people, why is Dave Brat trying to silence one of the legally qualified candidates so that he cannot get his message out to the people?  What is he afraid of?  This smacks of something Eric Cantor would (and did) do.

If cornered and asked why he refuses to participate in any debates or forums with Carr, Dave Brat will either deny that he has refused and tell you the debate or forum organizers make the rules (in other words, he will lie), or he will avoid answering your question (like he did at a recent event in Henrico County when Carr Campaign Volunteer Carl Loser tried asking him about the debates).

At the Chesterfield County Fourth Of July Parade, Dave Brat met James Carr and they spoke briefly.  James told me that Dave Brat shook his hand and told him that he was looking forward to having a fair and honest campaign season in the 7th district.

Dave Brat ran in the 7th District Republican Primary railing against Eric Cantor, the Republican Establishment, and all of their dirty tactics.  Now that he needs their money, he’ll do whatever it takes to win.