Libertarian Candidate For Kansas Governor Releases New Ad

Keen Umbehr

Keen Umbehr, Libertarian Candidate For Governor Of Kansas.

Keen Umbehr, the Libertarian Candidate for Governor of Kansas has released a new ad this week.  The new ad provides a brief overview of Mr. Umbehr and his plans once elected Governor of Kansas.

Umbehr has been spending the last two days traveling the state of Kansas in what he calls the 34 City Tour.  He’s been answering questions and handing out campaign materials and yard signs to those who come out to meet him.

Umbehr’s campaign has noted that it only takes 34% of the vote to win a three way race and has dedicated a portion of their web site to those Kansas voters who are part of the 34%.  These voters are sharing their reasons for why they have decided to support Mr. Umbehr.

Umbehr has an opportunity to win this race and is getting his message out to as many Kansas Voters as he can.  It is clear that Kansas voters are sick and tired of the same old dishonest and crony politics that Sam Brownback (R) and Paul Davis (D) have to offer.

To all those who want more efficient and transparent government in Kansas, Keen Umbehr is the only choice.  You can view his new campaign ad below.

Cantor Style Politics From The Dave Brat Campaign

Virginia Republican Congressional Candidate, Dave Brat

Virginia Republican Congressional Candidate, Dave Brat

When Republican Dave Brat was running against Eric Cantor for the 7th District Congressional seat in Virginia’s 7th District Republican Primary, he needed to cast himself as an outsider.  A new guy.  A fresh face.  Many voters liked his ads (even many of those who would not vote for him), and many thought (because he said so), that he would play by the rules (unlike Eric Cantor).  You may not have agreed with his politics, but at least you thought he’d be honest and forthright.  Sadly, like most Republicans, Dave Brat has decided not to play by the rules.  And if elected, he could ignore the rules regarding the United States Constitution, for his own self interest.

In his Election Night Victory Speech, Dave Brat made a comment which I found to be very interesting (considering how he’s running his campaign these days).  He said: “The power belongs to the people.”

Dave Brat and his campaign have decided that he will not participate in any forums or debates that include all of the ballot qualified candidates running for Congress in the 7th District.  Specifically, any forums or debates that include the Libertarian Candidate, James Carr.  Debate and forum sponsors have told the Carr campaign that Brat has been unwilling to commit to any debates or forums that include Carr.  And in many cases, debate and forum sponsors have chosen to exclude Carr so that Brat will attend.

Dave Brat and his Democratic opponent Jack Trammell are both Economics Professors at Virginia’s Randolph Macon College.  Randolph Macon is hosting a debate and has chosen to exclude James Carr.  When asked for a reason why, both the college and the Trammell Campaign have cited Dave Brat’s unwillingness to participate if Carr is included, as the reason.  Trammell asked that Carr be included, and he was all but ignored.  You can read the Carr Campaign’s press release to learn more.

If the power belongs to the people, why is Dave Brat trying to silence one of the legally qualified candidates so that he cannot get his message out to the people?  What is he afraid of?  This smacks of something Eric Cantor would (and did) do.

If cornered and asked why he refuses to participate in any debates or forums with Carr, Dave Brat will either deny that he has refused and tell you the debate or forum organizers make the rules (in other words, he will lie), or he will avoid answering your question (like he did at a recent event in Henrico County when Carr Campaign Volunteer Carl Loser tried asking him about the debates).

At the Chesterfield County Fourth Of July Parade, Dave Brat met James Carr and they spoke briefly.  James told me that Dave Brat shook his hand and told him that he was looking forward to having a fair and honest campaign season in the 7th district.

Dave Brat ran in the 7th District Republican Primary railing against Eric Cantor, the Republican Establishment, and all of their dirty tactics.  Now that he needs their money, he’ll do whatever it takes to win.

TEA Party Leader Endorses Libertarian Robert Sarvis For U.S. Senate

Mechanicsville TEA Party Road Sign

Robert Shannon, founder and past chairman of both the Mechanicsville and King William TEA Party groups in Virginia, has officially endorsed Robert Sarvis (L) over Mark Warner (D) and Ed Gillespie (R) in the U.S. Senate Race in Virginia.  Shannon also endorsed Sarvis when he ran for Governor in 2013 against Terry McAuliffe (D) and Ken Cuccinelli (R).

A large 4″ x 8″ Sarvis For Senate sign sits on Shannon’s King William property facing Route 360. Nearly 10,000 motorists pass and see that sign on a daily basis.

Below is Bob Shannon’s official endorsement of Robert Sarvis:

Over the last 5 years it has become clear that continuing to support insiders such as Ed Gillespie will only assist in the fiscal and economic decline of our Nation and lend nothing towards dismantling the “donor class” that Dr. Laura Ingraham referenced when she visited Glen Allen, Va. during the 7th District Republican Primary Race a few months ago.
The notion that Ed Gillespie can raise a lot of money should set off alarm bells rather than be seen as some sort of benefit, since it only solidifies evidence of his insider status. Besides, we saw first hand in Virginia’s 7th District with Eric Cantor, the proof that money alone isn’t any panacea or guarantee of victory.  Warner or Gillespie – it doesn’t matter. They are two beltway insiders who have gone on record as big government types.  Both of these men have run the gamut of insider status, from building their personal wealth through government contracts and employment in the lobbying circus in between their stints as beltway boys. Only the most blinded  partisan ideologues would close their eyes to these facts. I am not in that group.  Warner and Gillespie are both part and parcel of the same problem, not a remedy.  
Robert Sarvis is a genuine human being running for public office for the right reasons. He has the 3 I’s:  Integrity, Intellect, and Independence . He has the personal fortitude and character to honestly tell you where he stands on an issue. I don’t agree with Rob on several issues, but it doesn’t diminish one iota the primary reason I have come to admire him and continue to support his efforts.  His calm, reasoned, and principled approach to the problems this Nation faces – from fiscal and economic to cultural and  personal liberty – is much more closely aligned with my own than the representatives of the oligarchs that control both major parties leadership.
If we as a Nation have any hope of arresting this decline then we must recognize the necessity to look at our problems through the eyes of someone who isn’t “owned” by these oligarchs. No one has their hooks in Robert Sarvis. He will represent us.  That matters much more to me than the differences I have with him on a few issues. Integrity matters, and should matter before anything else. Absent weighing the value of that quality, you end up with more of the same.

Bob Shannon may be reached for comment by sending an e-mail to:

Cuccinelli Political Strategist Says Libertarians Exist To Keep Republicans From Winning

Chris LaCivita

Chris LaCivita served as chief political strategist for Ken Cuccinelli.

When Ken Cuccinelli ran for Governor of Virginia in 2013, he framed himself as a “libertarian-leaning Republican.”  And recently his chief political strategist Chris LaCivita, let the cat out of the bag when he was interviewed for a June 6th, 2014 article at The Washington Examiner concerning North Carolina Libertarian Senate Candidate Sean Haugh.

In the article, LaCivita is quoted as saying: “Libertarians and quote unquote libertarian-minded Republicans exist for one purpose and one purpose only, and that is to keep Republicans from winning general elections.”

“From a political standpoint, those individuals are Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi’s best pals.”

Rand Paul & Ken CuccinelliOh what seven months after an election won’t do to one’s memory.  LaCivita forgets that he was part of a team of “political experts” who failed to convince voters that a should-be convicted felon was more “Libertarian” than the real Libertarian Candidate, Robert Sarvis (Sarvis is now running for U.S. Senate in Virginia).  They even brought in former Congressman and 2012 Presidential Candidate Ron Paul (who is known as a libertarian-minded Republican) to seal the deal.  Don’t forget too, that Rand Paul endorsed Cuccinelli over real Libertarian Sarvis.  Of course, Rand Paul (Ron Paul’s son) always endorses Republicans over Libertarians, because, well, he is a Republican and, you know, Liberty.

For LaCivita – once you start telling lies, it’s hard to keep everything straight.

And we all know that Ken Cuccinelli himself, also feels the same way.  But the way you woo Libertarians to your campaign is to lie and pretend you are one.  Unfortunately for Cuccinelli – much like Mitt Romney – no matter how dishonest you are, you still can’t win an election.

Exit polls from the Virginia Governor’s race proved that had Sarvis not been in the race, Cuccinelli would have lost to Democrat Terry McAuliffe by an even wider margin.  Let us not ever accuse Republicans of being as dishonest as Democrats.

Libertarians exist to keep both Democrats and Republicans from winning (you could argue that both parties are the same – and you’d probably be right).  In most elections we pull evenly from both sides.  There have been, on a few occasions, times when we have pulled more from the Democrats or more from the Republicans.  But in general, we take from both sides evenly.

LaCivita, like many other Republicans, is being intentionally dishonest.  It’s a growing pattern within the Republican party.  A last ditch effort to save a dying brand that should have never been popular to begin with.  It’s not as if LaCivita hasn’t looked at the exit poll data from the 2013 Governor’s race in Virginia.  But that data doesn’t fit the narrative he’s trying to sell.  So his only option is to lie through his teeth and hope that nobody does their own research.

Republicans and Democrats do not want Libertarians winning elections.  Republicans seem to be the most vocal about it at this time.  The Democrats just sit back with their feet propped up, laughing, while Republicans like LaCivita make fools of themselves and push more Libertarians away from the Republican Party.

I guess Cuccinelli shot himself in the foot when he claimed to be “Libertarian Leaning.” Because according to his chief political strategist, his one and only purpose was to keep himself from winning.

And that’s really good for the Libertarian Party.

Bill Lamb Admits Kentucky Senate Election Has Been Rigged

In the upcoming U.S. Senate race in Kentucky, someone has rigged the election.  How do I know this?  It’s quite simple, really.  Let’s start at the beginning…

Libertarian David Patterson

Kentucky Libertarian Senatorial Candidate David Patterson

Tea Party Republican Matt Bevin was running against Liberal Republican Mitch McConnell in the Republican Primary.  Bevin lost.  Now McConnell must face Libertarian David Patterson, and Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes.

Invitations for a debate between the candidates, hosted by WDRB News – the local FOX news affiliate in Louisville, Kentucky – were sent out to McConnell and Grimes, but not Patterson.

A concerned voter contacted WDRB President Bill Lamb, who responded: “I’ve never heard of Mr. Patterson, which is part of the problem.  A Libertarian candidate has zero chance of winning this election.  He has no name recognition and no money to gain name recognition.  While one could argue he might add some interesting ideas to a debate, he would also take precious time away from the only two candidates with a chance to win.  To me, that’s not fair to the viable candidates nor to the voters who want to hear from the only two candidate who can win.”

Mr. Lamb obviously has some inside information that the rest of us are not privy to.  I contacted Mr. Lamb’s office for comment, but no one has returned my call.

Mr. Lamb is either planning to rig the November Kentucky Senate Election, or he knows the person who is planning to do that.  There is no other way he could know that David Patterson will not win.

More than likely, Mr. Lamb is not being honest and in reality he has no clue who will win the race in November.  But because he dislikes Libertarians so, he’s decided to throw his weight around.  As President of WDRB, he gets to decide who will participate in the debate and who will not.  And up until now, he has not had to answer to anyone.

I’m asking all of you who read this blog to share this story far and wide.  And when you’re done, please contact WDRB and let them know that you are not happy with their decision to exclude David Patterson.  Please be kind when you do.  That is the most important part.  Below I’ll list the contact information for Mr. Lamb.

The media is corrupt.  It’s up to us to set the story straight.

Bill Lamb’s Contact Information:
(502) 585-0817

On a final note, here’s hoping that Matt Bevin does the right thing for his state and his country, and endorses David Patterson For U.S. Senate.  You can e-mail the Bevin Campaign requesting that he do so by clicking here.

Gary Johnson To Run For President As Libertarian In 2016

Libertarian Presidential Candidate, Gary Johnson

Libertarian Presidential Candidate, Gary Johnson

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, who ran for President as a Libertarian in 2012, says he plans to run again in 2016.  The former Republican wants to run on the Libertarian Party ticket because he will have “less explaining to do.”  Libertarians tend to appeal equally to both Republicans and Democrats.  Independents also lean Libertarian as a whole.

In a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” session on the 21st of April, Governor Johnson was asked: “Let’s skip the pleasantries and ask the question everyone wants to know the answer to. Will you be running for president in 2016?”

Facebook and Twitter were buzzing with the news shortly thereafter and calls for his “2016 Presidential web site” have already been heard throughout the land.

Get your “Gary Johnson 2016” bumper sticker here.

The Commission On Presidential DebatesGovernor Johnson is currently the honorary Chairman of The Our America Initiative, which promotes fiscal responsibility and social acceptance.  The initiative has launched a lawsuit against the Commission on Presidential Debates for its partisan and unfair practices.  Hopefully, the 2016 Presidential Debates will be open to all qualified Presidential Candidates who are on enough state ballots to win the Presidency.

Libertarian Vice-Presidential Candidate, Jim Gray

Libertarian Vice-Presidential Candidate, Jim Gray

In 2012, Governor Johnson’s Vice-Presidential running mate was retired Circuit Court Judge James Gray.  Jim was an excellent choice and I certainly hope the Governor chooses him as his running mate for 2016.

Now’s the time to start promoting Governor Johnson and his ideals.  Share his tweets, Facebook status messages, Life Free Blog entries, and most of all, please share the lawsuit against The Commission On Presidential Debates.  Sign the petition to force the commission to include all qualified Presidential Candidates.  Donate what you can to help fund the lawsuit.

Gary Johnson will most likely be the ONLY Libertarian Presidential Candidate on the Ballot in 2016.  A vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for true Liberty and Freedom.  It’s also a vote to keep our beloved country from toppling over that fiscal cliff.

Liberty needs all of us!  We can make this happen.  If you believe in Gary Johnson as much as I do, let’s get moving now.  There’s no time like the present.

One thing you can do to spread the word is to get your “Gary Johnson 2016” bumper sticker here.

Fake Libertarian Rand Paul Endorses McConnell Over Real Libertarian

David Patterson For U.S. Senate (KY)

David Patterson For U.S. Senate (KY)

In The 2014 Kentucky Senate race, Rand Paul – the darling of the phony Liberty movement within the Republican Party – has endorsed establishment Republican Mitch McConnell over a “TEA Party” Republican and an Honest-To-God Libertarian.

There are two other candidates vying for that Senate seat.  David Patterson, the Libertarian and Matt Bevin, the TEA Party Republican Primary challenger to McConnell.  Since Paul is no Libertarian, this move to endorse McConnell should come as no surprise to those reading this post.  Rand Paul NEVER endorses the Libertarian.  After all, he made it quite clear that he’s not a Libertarian.  It’s the leaders of the phony Liberty movement within the Republican Party that have tried to dangle Rand Paul in front of real Libertarians in the hopes of bringing them back to the GOP.  But Paul keeps wandering off the reservation.

David Patterson is by far the best choice of the three.  Just take a look at some of these points from his web site:

  • NO BAILOUTS: Companies must live and die by their own merits.
  • NO EXCESSIVE REGULATIONS: Don’t strangle our economy with ideology.
  • NO CAP ON LIABILITY: Companies should be responsible for their actions.
  • INDUSTRIAL HEMP: Allow our farmers to grow a versatile, viable crop here in America.
  • END DOMESTIC SPYING: A warrant should be required for any domestic surveillance.
  • END STATE MARRIAGE: Consenting adults do not need permission from government.
  • END THE DRUG WAR: Prohibition is costly, in dollars and in liberty, and unsuccessful.
  • NON-INTERVENTION: Keep our nose out of the business of other nations.
  • RESPECT OTHER CULTURES: We would not want other cultures pushed onto us.
  • FREE TRADE: Trade is the best way to ensure peaceful international relations.

If you want to fight back against Rand Paul, Mitch McConnell, and the many other “Establishment Republicans” who are trying to usurp our Liberty, please consider supporting David Patterson and helping him to get on the ballot in Kentucky.

Libertarian Xavian Draper Wants To Make A Difference

Xavian Draper

Xavian Draper For Congress

On the Monday, April 28th edition of The Old Dominion Libertarian Radio Network, Xavian Draper was our guest to discuss his campaign, his platform, and what he plans to accomplish once elected.  Mr. Draper, a member of the Air Force Reserves, is running for Congress in Virginia’s First Congressional District.

Alex Butler, one of the three hosts, posed a number of questions to Mr. Draper throughout the interview.  Mr. Draper’s answers were well thought out and extremely thorough.  Jeff Kleb and Joe Enroughty joined in with their own questions and opinions throughout the interview.

Xavian Draper plans to make a difference by…

Draper’s opponents are Rob Wittman (R) and Gail Parker (IG).  Wittman has a Republican Primary challenger, Anthony Riedel.  The Republican Primary will be held on June 10th, 2014.

Draper has challenged Wittman to a debate and the King William TEA Party has agreed to host it.  Draper’s Campaign Manager Juanita Billings, has reached out to the Wittman Campaign concerning the debate.  We certainly hope Wittman will “man-up” and participate.

The Old Dominion Libertarian would like to officially endorse Xavian Draper for Congress in Virginia’s First Congressional District.  

If you’d like to learn more about Xavian Draper and his platform, you can visit his web site.

Keen Umbehr Wins Libertarian Nomination For Kansas Governor

Keen Umbehr For Kansas Governor


The Libertarian Party of Kansas held their convention in Wichita on April 25th and 26th to nominate their candidate for Governor, along with candidates for Federal and Statewide races.  

Keen A. Umbehr, Sr. and Tresa McAlhaney were the Gubernatorial Candidates vying for that position.  The voting took LP Kansas Conventionplace on Saturday afternoon at 1 pm and Mr. Umbehr emerged as the winner.  His running mate for Lt. Governor (who was also elected at the convention), will be his son, Dr. Josh Umbehr.  Josh Umbehr is a physician in Wichita, Kansas.

Sporting a brand new web site, Mr. Umbehr highlights the prominent planks of his platform including:

  • DEFENDING constitutionally guaranteed freedoms and liberties
  • FIGHTING for 2nd Amendment Rights
  • EXERCISING fiscal responsibility by reducing the size of government, budgets, and missions
  • UNLEASHING your family’s potential by implementing a ZERO income tax rate for all Kansans
  • EMPOWERING students to thrive by increasing educational choice through innovation and fair funding for ALL students
  • REMOVING tax loopholes and providing taxation certainty by passage of the Fair Tax Plan
  • PROTECTING personal and property rights

Keen Umbehr's Pledge

The Old Dominion Libertarian has officially endorsed Mr. Umbehr for Kansas Governor.  If you live in Kansas, we hope that you will help him to defeat Sam Brownback (R) and Paul Davis (D) in order to bring Liberty and Prosperity to all Kansans.  You can visit his web site and learn all about his platform here.

Rand Paul Severs Ties With Libertarian Community

Rand Paul

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul And His Business Partner, Ken Cuccinelli.

Rand Paul, the son of former Congressman Ron Paul, has officially severed his ties with the Libertarian community by making robocalls for a known Anti-Second Amendment candidate.

This morning it was reported here that robocalls have been made by Rand Paul on behalf of Republican David Jolly, who is running in Florida’s Congressional District 13 Special Election.  Two other candidates are also on the ballot.  Libertarian Lucas Overby and Democrat Alex Sink.

Paul could have supported the Libertarian Candidate, but instead chose to support a known GOP Establishment Candidate.  A candidate who recently made it clear he was not opposed to tighter gun restrictions.

Not only is he making robocalls for a sleazy politician, he’s using Karl Rove’s super pac, “American Crossroads” in order to do it.

But, all of Rand Paul’s major political endorsements are in races with viable Libertarian alternatives. So this is nothing new. And this comes after a long line of disappointments from the Kentucky Senator, who speaks out of both sides of his mouth.

In the recent controversy over the Ukraine, and what, if anything, the U.S. should do about it, Rand Paul came down clearly on the side of establishment, war-mongering Republicans and Democrats.

And in other news, Rand Paul has also endorsed Mitch McConnell.

Rand Paul’s actions are really only a disappointment if you fell for his shenanigans in the first place.  If, like me, you saw right through him from day one, this is just another bump in the road towards true Liberty.

They say the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree.  But Rand Paul keeps proving that statement wrong. Time and time again.