Rand Paul Severs Ties With Libertarian Community

Rand Paul

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul And His Business Partner, Ken Cuccinelli.

Rand Paul, the son of former Congressman Ron Paul, has officially severed his ties with the Libertarian community by making robocalls for a known Anti-Second Amendment candidate.

This morning it was reported here that robocalls have been made by Rand Paul on behalf of Republican David Jolly, who is running in Florida’s Congressional District 13 Special Election.  Two other candidates are also on the ballot.  Libertarian Lucas Overby and Democrat Alex Sink.

Paul could have supported the Libertarian Candidate, but instead chose to support a known GOP Establishment Candidate.  A candidate who recently made it clear he was not opposed to tighter gun restrictions.

Not only is he making robocalls for a sleazy politician, he’s using Karl Rove’s super pac, “American Crossroads” in order to do it.

But, all of Rand Paul’s major political endorsements are in races with viable Libertarian alternatives. So this is nothing new. And this comes after a long line of disappointments from the Kentucky Senator, who speaks out of both sides of his mouth.

In the recent controversy over the Ukraine, and what, if anything, the U.S. should do about it, Rand Paul came down clearly on the side of establishment, war-mongering Republicans and Democrats.

And in other news, Rand Paul has also endorsed Mitch McConnell.

Rand Paul’s actions are really only a disappointment if you fell for his shenanigans in the first place.  If, like me, you saw right through him from day one, this is just another bump in the road towards true Liberty.

They say the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree.  But Rand Paul keeps proving that statement wrong. Time and time again.

Fox News Manipulates Photo To Influence Outcome of Florida Special Election

Florida 13th District Congressional Debate

The Original Un-altered photo from the District 13 Congressional Debate.

On the eve of the special election in Florida’s 13th Congressional District (Pinellas County), the news media is up to their old tricks yet again.

The Fox News Affiliate in the Tampa Bay area (Fox News 13) intentionally spliced a photo leaving out Libertarian Candidate Lucas Overby, the candidate favored to win that special election on Tuesday, March 11th, 2014.  The article that accompanied the altered photo, was equally misleading, mentioning Lucas Overby only once during the entire article. You can view the article and altered photo here.

This problem is symptomatic of today’s news media, be it print or video, and often has a powerful effect on how ordinary voters view an issue or political race.  And the news media is complicit in this intentional dishonesty.

Thank goodness Lucas Overby has been traveling District 13 for over a year and the voters know him well.  His campaign has targeted disaffected voters as well as voters who have yet to turn in their absentee ballots.  And the internal numbers coming from the campaign itself look awfully good.

A large push near the end of the campaign has really boosted his numbers.  Libertarians from across the country (including myself) have pitched in and made phone calls for the Overby Campaign, speaking with Pinellas County residents and encouraging them to cast their vote for Overby on March 11th.  The response has been phenomenal.

While the Sink (D) and Jolly (R) campaigns have been slinging mud since the special election was called by Governor Rick Scott, Lucas Overby has been spreading his positive message across the district.

Both Sink and Jolly have become increasingly worried about their standing in this special election, even going so far as to hide from their constituents by not attending forums and debates where they will have to face Lucas Overby.

If Lucas Overby wins on Tuesday, everyone wins.  Not just the residents of District 13.  Everyone.  This win will open the door for Libertarians everywhere.  And finally the people will be represented in Washington, D.C.

Visit Lucas Overby’s web site here and his Facebook page here.

And if you live in Pinellas County, be sure to vote on Tuesday, March 11th, 2014!!!

Libertarian Lucas Overby Poised To Make Political History

Libertarian Candidate Lucas Overby, who is running for Congress in Florida’s 13th Congressional District (Pinellas County), is poised to win that race.  Floridians in District 13 will be voting in a special election to replace the late Republican Congressman Bill Young, who passed away in 2013.

Lucas Overby Debates

Libertarian Lucas Overby (Center) Debates His Opponents.

Democrat Alex Sink and Republican David Jolly are running scared, refusing to participate in any more debates or forums.  Instead they are relying on mud-slinging TV ads and voter fear to try and win an election that seems all but hopeless for the two sub-par candidates. A list of debates and forums where one or both the Democratic and Republican candidates cancelled or backed out of, can be found here.

Jolly (R) admitted in a forum that “Lucas Overby is smarter than me.”  You can read more about that here.

In a response to a question about immigration, Sink (D) had the following to say:

Lucas Overby is looking mighty good right now as he and his supporters canvass the district talking to voters and engaging them.

But Lucas needs your help.  Please consider donating whatever you can to help in the final push for this special election being held on March 11th.

If Lucas wins, we all win.  And that’s something grand for Florida – and America!

You can visit Lucas Overby’s web site here and donate to his campaign here.

Lucas Overby will be appearing on The Old Dominion Libertarian Radio Network’s Monday March 3rd show at 7pm ET, for an in-depth interview about his historic race to victory on March 11th. You can listen to the show here.

Libertarian Themed Radio Show Debuts March 3rd

The Old Dominion Libertarian Radio Network

Current Schedule Of Special Guests.

On Monday, March 3rd, 2014, Joe Enroughty, Jeff Kleb, and Alex Butler will take to the air as “The Old Dominion Libertarian Radio Network.”  

The three hosts will be discussing current events of the day with a Libertarian perspective.  The program will air on the first and fourth Monday’s of the month at 7pm ET via Blog Talk Radio and will feature one special guest per episode.

You can view the show’s Facebook page here or go directly to their Blog Talk Radio page here.

Each of the hosts will bring their own Libertarian perspective to the program, making for lively conversation and an interesting learning environment.

To be a guest on the program, visit our Facebook page and send us a message.

Libertarian Lucas Overby Wins Congressional Debate

A special election is being held in Florida’s 13th Congressional District to elect a representative to fill the late Republican Bill Young’s Congressional seat.  The election will be held on March 11th, 2014.

Bay News 9 Post Debate Poll

Libertarian Lucas Overby won the Bay News 9 Post Debate Poll with 45%.

On Monday, February 3rd, 2014, Libertarian Congressional Candidate Lucas Overby won the 13th Congressional District (of Pinellas County, Florida) Debate with 45% in a post debate poll conducted by Bay News 9 (the network that hosted the debate).

One of the interesting things about this debate is that Lucas made history, becoming the first Libertarian candidate to participate in a nationally televised debate.  The debate was hosted by Bay News 9 and picked up by C-Span (it aired on C-Span 3).  Viewers all around the world were able to watch Lucas take on his Democratic and Republican opponents – and WIN!

For the first part of the debate, the Democratic and Republican candidates tried to ignore Lucas, referring to “my opponent” in their answers as if there were only two candidates in the race.  Bay News 9 debate hosts quickly brought Lucas into the conversation and it was clear at that point that he had a firm grasp of what his constituents in Pinellas County wanted to see in the candidate they will be electing in March.  His answers were clear and concise.  He was the only debate participant that followed the rules set forth by the debate moderators.

Libertarian Lucas Overby

Libertarian Congressional Candidate Lucas Overby, who is running for Congress in Florida’s 13th District.

Lucas’ opponents were not the only ones trying to ignore him.  Journalists across the board, who wrote about the debate tried desperately to hide the Libertarian’s views from the public.  Some articles barely gave his name a mention, while others mentioned his name a couple of times at best.  None of them provided ANY of his answers to the various questions asked at the debate.  You can view some of these articles here and here.  Even C-Span refused to put his name up on the screen when they would come back from the commercial breaks.  Lucas was undeterred and maintained a professional attitude for the entire debate.

The most interesting part of the debate came when each candidate was allowed to ask another candidate a question.  Alex Sink (D) quizzed Lucas on the Libertarian Party platform and this gave him a chance to explain the platform to viewers who may not be familiar with it.  David Jolly (R) directed his question to Sink, further bringing his claims that she is a carpetbagger, into the public eye.  However, the best question of all came from Lucas, when he asked Sink to explain the difference between “entitlements” and “welfare.”  After a long pause, and much stumbling over her own words, Sink gave an answer that clearly showed she had no idea what she was talking about.

Both the Republican and Democratic Candidates in the race were promoting the same, stale, ideas that have landed this country in it’s current economic mess.  The clear choice for Pinellas County is Lucas Overby.  He is a life long resident of the county (his opponents are not), and he has been travelling his district for a year, talking with voters and engaging them.

You can view the entire hour-long debate here.

You can also visit Lucas Overby’s Facebook page here or his web site here.

Gary Johnson Endorses Lucas Overby

2012 Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson Endorses Lucas Overby.

Lucas needs your support to win on March 11th. You may donate to the campaign here.  You can sign up to volunteer via the web site.

Working Within The System

Republicans often bemoan that you’ll never achieve Liberty if you don’t join the GOP and “work within the system.”  They often cite Ron Paul as a perfect example of someone who had to join the GOP in order to “make things happen.”  What’s worse is that they chastise members of the Libertarian Party and beg them to come back to the GOP (as if every member of the Libertarian Party once belonged to the GOP – which just isn’t true).  What they are essentially saying is this: “Come to the GOP and compromise some of your principles so that we can all work towards the GOP definition of Liberty.”  The problem is, in that scenario, Republicans aren’t willing to compromise one inch.  Yet they expect us to compromise all day long.  And, they’ve altered the definition of Liberty to make it fit what they believe it should be.

When Republicans point out that Ron Paul tried running as a Libertarian Party Presidential candidate in 1988, but had to return to the GOP in order to accomplish anything, I often ask them what exactly has Ron Paul done?  Nine times out of ten, they will say “Well, now everybody is talking about auditing the Fed.”

Talk is cheap.  The Fed has never actually been audited, and most likely never will be as long as Republicans and Democrats are in control.  They each have a vested interest in making sure that doesn’t happen. And they made sure Ron Paul never got the Republican nomination, too.

Don’t get me wrong.  Ron Paul has a lot of great ideas and he’s right on the money in a lot of ways.  But honestly, he would have been just as effective had he stayed in the Libertarian Party and promoted his ideas and his agenda through that party.  Take a look at Gary Johnson for instance.  Granted he was once a Republican and is now a member of the Libertarian Party, but who remembers him from his days as a Republican (other than the citizens of New Mexico, where he was governor)???  Gary has done more for the Liberty movement as a Libertarian Party member (and 2012 Presidential candidate) than he ever could as a Republican.  People are actually listening to him now.  In the last month alone, he has been on countless news programs discussing Obamacare, the economy, social issues, and more.  And this most likely would not have happened if he was still in the Republican Party.

As we saw in the 2008 and 2012 Presidential Elections, the Old Guard of the GOP is not going anywhere.  And they are determined to hoist their chosen “statist” candidate to the throne of “GOP Nominee,” in the hopes that Americans will once again hold their noses and vote for the lesser of two evils.  In South Carolina, some Republicans are even talking about enacting legislation that will prevent any type of Republican (Tea Party, another liberal, etc.) from challenging Lindsey Graham.

In 2012 however, Americans showed the GOP exactly how the game was going to be played.  Over 9 million conservatives stayed home and refused to vote for Mitt Romney.  Real Libertarians voted for Gary Johnson.  And the Republican voters who were in favor of a Ron Paul Presidency, did one of three things:  they voted for Gary Johnson, they wrote in Ron Paul’s name on their ballots, or they stayed home.  And Mitt Romney lost in a landslide.  Karl Rove is still in Ohio recounting votes to see what went wrong.  He just doesn’t get it.  And neither do all the Republicans who claim if we don’t vote for their candidate, we’re throwing our vote away or giving it to the Democrat.  When are they going to learn that those tired, old phrases just aren’t working anymore???

In 2013, these same “Ron Paul”  Republican voters tried to convince real Libertarians in Virginia that we had to work within the system by voting for Ken Cuccinelli (because, you know, the system has worked so well up to now).  Even though the system completely shut them out in 2012, they were willing to go back in and give it one more chance (they claimed Cuccinelli was a Liberty candidate, but that was just a clever ruse to try and get Libertarians to come over to the GOP).  They shouted from the roof tops that Cuccinelli was a real Libertarian (even in the face of facts proving otherwise).  And somehow they even managed to trick Ron Paul into endorsing him.  And I do believe that if Ron Paul had endorsed Robert Sarvis (the Libertarian nominee for Governor of Virginia), it wouldn’t have made a difference.  The Ron Paul voters would have still supported Cuccinelli.  After all, they’re really just Republicans, who pretty much only support Republican candidates.

The GOP, Republican voters, and many political pundits say Libertarians can’t win elections, and some even go so far as to say they will never win elections.  So, why don’t “Liberty-minded” voters in the Republican Party just cut the crap and come on over to the Libertarian Party and vote for REAL Liberty?  For the same reason many of them never would have cast a vote for Ron Paul if he wasn’t a Republican.  Look at the number of Republicans who voted for Mitt Romney in 2012.  It’s not that they dislike liberals.  It’s that they dislike liberals who refuse to run as Republicans.  And they use the tired, old excuse of voting for the guy who was the best chance of beating the Democrat.  And that never seems to work.

It’s time to take a stand, as many of us real Libertarians are doing in America.  It’s time to take that chance and vote for the Libertarian Presidential Candidate.  Especially if that candidate turns out to be Gary Johnson in 2016.  Watch and listen to the video of Gary Johnson below.  He is by far the smartest guy to run for President in many a year.  And we’d be smart if we all hoisted him up and gave him our nod of approval.

The system is broken and it cannot be fixed.  Republicans claiming to be Libertarians are just trying to get us back in the GOP (or bring us there for the first time) so that things can remain as they have for many years.  While the candidates they support may be in favor of some limited form of Liberty, that is not good enough.  Liberty, much like the Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment, cannot be taken piecemeal or a la carte.  But “Liberty-minded” REPUBLICANS would like to have you think otherwise.

It’s time to take our country back.  And the Libertarian Party seems to be the only way to do that.  Will you join us?  Or will you throw your country under the bus in 2016?  The choice is yours.  Choose wisely.

Do Political Endorsements Still Matter?

In this day and age, do political endorsements still matter?  Politicians clamor to get the coveted endorsement of political pundits, authors, and current and former politicians.  Many of them list such endorsements on their web sites.  And even when such people do not actually endorse a particular candidate (but simply hint at it), candidates and their supporters will still claim it is an outright endorsement in many cases.

Recently conservative political pundit and columnist George Will all but said “I officially endorse Libertarian Candidate Robert Sarvis for Governor of Virginia,” in his column written for the Washington Post.  Many of Sarvis’ supporters took this as an outright endorsement and tweeted the article or posted it to Facebook, claiming that Will had officially endorsed their candidate of choice.  The column he wrote for the Post was a glowing piece about Sarvis and probably made many a Virginia voter think long and hard about voting for him.  But it was not an outright endorsement.

Ron Paul Endorses Cuccinelli.On another note, former Congressman Ron Paul (God bless his confused little heart) did officially endorse Virginia Republican Gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli.  A lot of speculation went into why he did this.  A lot of Paul supporters abandoned ship.  Some voted for Sarvis, while others simply stayed home on election day.  Yes, some Paul supporters did vote for Cuccinelli, but most of them would have voted for the Republican even without a Paul endorsement, because they themselves are Republican (they would have most likely never supported Paul had he run under any other party affiliation either).

Richard Conrow, a Winchester, Virginia resident and Ron Paul supporter during the 2008 and 2012 Presidential Elections, suggests that Paul was “talked into supporting Cuccinelli” without really knowing all the facts.  To The Paul Clan...As I suggested in an earlier piece I wrote here at this blog, I believe it was simply a case of two Republicans sticking together.  Conrow, who worked with the Virginia Campaign For Liberty (a group dedicated to promoting Ron Paul in Virginia and getting him elected President), was not impressed with Paul’s endorsement of Cuccinelli and his truck was used in a video titled “When Ron Paul Supporters Think For Themselves.”  Conrow is no longer affiliated with Virginia Campaign For Liberty. The video of his truck was created by Bruce Majors, a Sarvis supporter from the Washington, D.C. area.

Cathy Shallow, a Liberty-minded voter in Washington state also does her own research before settling on a particular candidate. “For me, Liberty and the Constitution are the most important issues.  An endorsement by Ron Paul or anyone would never stop me from doing my own research.   I know all too well about political gamesmanship,” Shallow notes.  She ended up writing in Ron Paul’s name on her ballot when she voted for President in 2012.  It was one of the most principled votes I’ve ever heard of.

Sometimes political endorsements can hurt candidates.  In 2012, Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, was endorsed by Donald Trump.  Romney stood by as Trump explained why the Massachusetts liberal was the right man for the job.  I have never been a Trump fan myself, and I remember countless others laughing as Romney soaked in the Trump endorsement as something grand.  I guess you have to take endorsements when and where you can get them in Romney’s case.  It may have hurt him in the long run.  You either really like Trump or you really despise him.  There aren’t too many people in the middle.

Trump attacked President Obama for many months over the fact that the President would not release his “long form” birth certificate (President Obama finally addressed the issue on National TV).  I won’t go into whether or not President Obama was born in the United States (because at this point, I really don’t care).  If he wasn’t, it would be too late to do anything about it now.  He’s nearly done with the first year of his second term.  And it doesn’t look like ANYONE on either the Republican or Democratic side of the aisle is taking up the issue in Washington, D.C.  So let it go people.  But my point is that Trump chose to make this the centerpiece of his beef with the President (there were so many important issues he could have taken up pertaining to the economy and healthcare, but instead he chose this).  And he certainly did look foolish in doing so.  It got him nowhere.  And to top off his wacky shenanigans, he endorsed Romney.  You have a problem with one liberal, so you endorse another.  Smart move.

2012 Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson endorsed Robert Sarvis in the Virginia governors race back in August.  This meant something to me personally.  While I would have supported Sarvis even without an endorsement from Johnson, this was a reassurance that everything was as it should be.  I had already done my homework on Sarvis and was satisfied that he was the real Libertarian in the race.  I was glad to see that Gary Johnson had come to the same conclusion.

The Johnson endorsement however, did not stop Republicans masquerading as Libertarians from bashing Sarvis and claiming he was not a real Libertarian.  Sarvis answered some of the smears in a radio interview on the Joe Thomas Show over WCHV in Charlottesville, Virginia.

So, all of this to say what?  It doesn’t seem to matter sometimes who endorses who.  Gary Johnson, one of the best Libertarian examples in this day and age, endorsed Robert Sarvis and Republicans didn’t seem to care (maybe that’s because REPUBLICANS wouldn’t know what a Libertarian was if one came along and slapped them in the face – which wouldn’t be such a bad idea).

And as we saw, Donald Trump’s endorsement didn’t seem to help Mitt Romney either.  But when Romney couldn’t even help himself, how do you expect a nut-job like Trump to do any better?

Cuccinelli Supporters Should Never Be Accused Of Letting Facts Get In The Way Of Being Dishonest

In the wake of the Virginia Governors Race that ended last Tuesday (November 5th), with Democrat Terry McAuliffe narrowly beating Republican Ken Cuccinelli, the hate mail and vitriol from Cuccinelli supporters has been rampant. For a candidate that Cuccinelli initially dismissed as irrelevant, his campaign sure did spend an awful lot of time the last three or four weeks trying to bring Libertarian Robert Sarvis down.  And Cooch’s supporters wasted no time in jumping on that bandwagon.  How low does one have to get in order to be a Cuccinelli supporter?  Apparently, there is no limit to the level at which Cuccinelli supporters will sink.

Robert Sarvis

Virginia Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Robert Sarvis.

About two weeks prior to election day, stories began making their way across the blogosphere, Facebook, Twitter, and various conservative web sites claiming that Robert Sarvis wasn’t a “Real Libertarian.”  Imagine REPUBLICANS trying to tell ANYONE what the definition of a real Libertarian is.  Yet they tried.  The most hilarious part of the whole thing was when Republicans started claiming that Sarvis was not a Libertarian because he did not believe in Austrian Economics.  They claimed that Cuccinelli WAS in favor of Austrian Economics.  The reality of it is this: Cooch is in favor of whatever type of economics his handlers tell him he’s supposed to be in favor of.  You can read some of these stories herehere, and here.  In some cases, Republicans snookered a lot of voters into believing that their intentionally dishonest statements were in fact a reality.

Richmond Times-Dispatch Columnist Bart Hinkle debunked all of their claims here.  And it wasn’t very hard to do.

Ron and Rand Paul even came to Virginia to endorse Cuccinelli.  A lot of good that did.  Ron Paul called Sarvis supporters INSANE, forgetting what his own supporters were often called when they refused to back down from supporting him.  A lot of speculation has gone into why Ron Paul endorsed Cuccinelli.  But in the end, it really boils down to this:  both Cuccinelli and Paul are Republicans.  And apparently they decided to stick together.

Enter Glenn Beck.  As we all know, Glenn Beck, who has been trying to convince us for a while now that he is a Libertarian, endorsed Liberal candidate Mitt Romney in last year’s Presidential Election.  Effectively throwing his entire country under the bus.  Glenn Beck’s web site “The Blaze” put out a story last week, just prior to the election of Virginia’s governor, claiming that not only was Robert Sarvis not a real Libertarian, but that his campaign was funded by an “Obama Bundler,” in order that the Republican vote be split.  Cuccinelli supporters in Va. ate it up (after all, it wasn’t really true, so what was not to like about it?).  Rush Limbaugh maligned about it on his show for days thereafter.  And even in the face of real facts proving otherwise, not one of them has apologized for being dishonest.  Why tamper with a winning system, right?

Beck, who has claimed since early January of this year to be a Libertarian, endorsed big government Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli (who supported the largest tax increase in Virginia history and who wasn’t even remotely 2nd amendment friendly [VCDL questions here and answers here]).  And like most Cuccinelli supporters, he would stop at nothing to see his candidate win.

Yet his candidate didn’t win.  He sold his soul to the Devil and got nothing in return for it.

The hateful Tweets, e-mails, Facebook comments, and phone calls, which began before election day and are still coming in to the Sarvis campaign and Sarvis supporters, represent the worst in politics.  Ken Cuccinelli hasn’t stepped up to denounce any of them.  But then again, why would he?  I’m sure he’s at the root of them all.

Full Disclosure:  I was and still am a Robert Sarvis Supporter.  And I worked tirelessly for his campaign.  I have no regrets and I am proud to have supported him.  I will do so again for whatever public office he chooses to run for next.

Welcome To The Old Dominion Libertarian

Hello there and welcome to my new blog.  My name is Joe Enroughty and I am a Libertarian Activist in the state of Virginia.  I am a member of the Libertarian Party Of Virginia and the National Libertarian Party.

From time to time I will be discussing Libertarian politics inside and outside of Virginia.  I will be focusing my attention on quality Libertarian candidates who are running for various offices inside and outside the state of Virginia.

In a broader sense, I will also be discussing any pressing issues that may arise that pertain to the Libertarian Party itself, such as newly elected officers, new chapters that arise around the state, and really just anything I find might be important.

While I applaud Ron Paul’s effort to try and conquer the Republican Party from within (which doesn’t really seem to be working), I feel that our best hope for freedom and Liberty lies within the Libertarian Party.  We are making great strides and have come so far in the last few years.  It can only get better.

I hope you’ll stick with me on my political journey and perhaps even provide your own thoughts and opinions throughout the process.

Here’s to Liberty in Virginia…and beyond!