Keen Umbehr Wins Libertarian Nomination For Kansas Governor

Keen Umbehr For Kansas Governor


The Libertarian Party of Kansas held their convention in Wichita on April 25th and 26th to nominate their candidate for Governor, along with candidates for Federal and Statewide races.  

Keen A. Umbehr, Sr. and Tresa McAlhaney were the Gubernatorial Candidates vying for that position.  The voting took LP Kansas Conventionplace on Saturday afternoon at 1 pm and Mr. Umbehr emerged as the winner.  His running mate for Lt. Governor (who was also elected at the convention), will be his son, Dr. Josh Umbehr.  Josh Umbehr is a physician in Wichita, Kansas.

Sporting a brand new web site, Mr. Umbehr highlights the prominent planks of his platform including:

  • DEFENDING constitutionally guaranteed freedoms and liberties
  • FIGHTING for 2nd Amendment Rights
  • EXERCISING fiscal responsibility by reducing the size of government, budgets, and missions
  • UNLEASHING your family’s potential by implementing a ZERO income tax rate for all Kansans
  • EMPOWERING students to thrive by increasing educational choice through innovation and fair funding for ALL students
  • REMOVING tax loopholes and providing taxation certainty by passage of the Fair Tax Plan
  • PROTECTING personal and property rights

Keen Umbehr's Pledge

The Old Dominion Libertarian has officially endorsed Mr. Umbehr for Kansas Governor.  If you live in Kansas, we hope that you will help him to defeat Sam Brownback (R) and Paul Davis (D) in order to bring Liberty and Prosperity to all Kansans.  You can visit his web site and learn all about his platform here.